Saturday, 12 December 2009

HOTPOT: Art, Food & People

Ceramics by Rebecca Wilson at HOTPOT [art, food + people]
St Andrews Museum 23rd January 2010- 7th March 2010.

Have you recovered from the seasonal festivities? Then you should be ready to indulge yourself again in the calorie free ‘HOTPOT [art, food + people]’. Fife Contemporary Art & Craft in collaboration with SAC funded trainee curator Tonia Lu brings together a group of artists who present work which is inspired by the emotional relationship between food and people. Artists Ruth Archibald-Swaans, Gayle Chong Kwan, Alex Frost, Alex Wilde and Rebecca Wilson take part.

Ceramics by Rebecca Wilson explore the indulgent, frivolous even naughty nature of food cravings. The Eat Me; Keep Me series focuses on the notion of self indulgence. Titles of some works are borrowed from popular marketing slogans which are telling of the current attitude towards what we buy and eat. In today’s recession the supermarkets put the cross sections of the market firmly in their places with ‘best’ and ‘value’ ranges. Advertising campaigns play to our vanity and suggestibility, and in the competition to see which brand can be the sexiest we don’t know any more whether we should be eating the chocolate pudding or pouring it all over ourselves! We are clearly enticed by the notion of food as a luxury, an indulgence, something a little bit naughty, and equally so by Rebecca’s deliciously naughty ceramics.
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