Sunday, 12 April 2009

Lighthouse 2010 with Julia Douglas and ClareWaddle

I'm working towards a three man exhibition with fellow artists Julia Douglas and Clare Waddle which will preview at The Lighthouse in Glasgow in February 2010. Light Relief is the first of several collaborative works for the show - a chandelier of domestic objects cast in low relief in Bone China. The images shown are of A Wee Bit of Light Relief - the first attempt for us at making this piece, and also working together as a trio. Thankfully it was a great success on all fronts - it was well recieved at the VAS Annual Exhibition 2009 at the City Art Centre, and we're all still friends, so we have subsequently set to work on the second incarnation of Light Relief. Spanning 1m 20 accross it will be four times as big as the original, and will dominate the void above the main entrance of the Lighthouse Gallery.

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  1. Your works are STUNNING!!! I'm really fascinated!